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Jennifer Askey, PhD, PCC

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Are you an experienced academician who has lost the enthusiasm and motivation that previously drove your research efforts, teaching, and leadership?

Do you seek a more balanced and fulfilling life and want support to maneuver the ebbs and flows of a college or university career?

Are you ready to manage competing demands on your time, restore focus, and lead yourself and your colleagues to make a meaningful impact?

Are you ready to move past policies and procedures to real leadership?

Are you leading your departments, staff members, and peer groups as the real you would lead?

Navigate academic leadership with emotional agility,

steadfast self-trust, and a supported team.

Build capabilities ad co-navigate as a team.

Through carefully crafted workshops and facilitated discussions, I create spaces for leaders and their teams to interact and learn. Together, we’ll create team alignment through processes and frameworks that deliver a big impact individually and collectively.

Know thyself and actualize your principles.

Let’s work one-on-one to explore what is essential to your academic career and personal success, remove self-limiting barriers, and set your priorities and strategies to benefit your work and your life. Together, we’ll explore proven tools to align your mind and heart toward value-driven actions, reclaim your resilience, and support your next steps.

Shift from reluctant to visionary leadership.

Academic leadership isn’t just about best practices, policies, and procedures – it starts with the person steering the vision. We’ll explore what it means to go beyond training that “checks the box”  and help you integrate the multi-dimensional aspects of how you lead.

Build a great culture beyond conventional wisdom.

When people feel empowered and supported, connection and inspiration follow. We’ll activate research-backed techniques with the entire team to establish better relationships that generate trusting and effective cross-institutional cultures.

Tailored solutions and flexible packages crafted specifically for academicians and their teams.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Askey

You and your colleagues are experts in your fields. I’m the galvanizer.

As a former tenured professor and current academic coaching authority, I leverage over a decade of immersion in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness research to help higher education professionals explore alignment and redefine success. 

Whether you’re aspiring to make a greater impact, rebalance priorities, or reignite team collaboration and passion, my innovative approaches combined with multidisciplinary expertise help me guide you in reshaping your collegiate journey for meaningful success.

During my time as interim dean and leading into my appointment as dean, Jennifer worked with my leadership team in the faculty to examine how our individual work personalities combine to create a collaborative team. The workshop itself was illuminating and helped us to understand each other’s ways of approaching our roles, which is necessary at any time, but especially during times of significant change. Jennifer is a skilled and sensitive facilitator, who is able to adjust her approach based on the team’s needs in the moment. We look forward to having her back to lead us in further workshops on leadership, collaboration, and communication.

– Tammy Hopper, PhD, R-SLP
Professor and Dean
Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine — University of Alberta

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from workshop and facilitation services?

Institutions seeking transformative learning experiences for their teams, enhancing holistic growth and skill development.

How can I determine if workshops align with our institution’s needs?

If you’re looking to foster a more connected, empowered, and engaged academic community, our workshops can be the ideal solution.

What’s the process for engaging in private coaching?

Beginning with a no-cost initial consultation, you and I create a tailored coaching plan and collaboratively work towards achieving your desired outcomes.

Are coaching sessions available virtually?

Of course. Coaching sessions are adaptable to your preferences, whether you opt for virtual or in-person sessions.

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