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Jennifer Askey, PhD, PCC

Feeling Stuck and Unfulfilled in Your Academic Career?

Discover your North Star — Set a course — Take Action

Are you a seasoned academic who’s lost the spark that once fuelled your research and teaching?

Do you find yourself longing for a more balanced and fulfilling life beyond the confines of academia?
Are you struggling to manage competing demands on your time and attention, wondering if you’re truly making a meaningful impact?
Have you hit a career plateau and and are looking for ways to grow your impact and your joy?
Is the idea of a fulfilling career in academia feeling increasingly elusive, leaving you uncertain about your next steps?

Empowering Success and Fulfillment

Unlocking Potential and Transforming Academic Paths

Empowering Academic Communities with Dynamic Workshops & Facilitations

A comprehensive approach for teams of experts, encompassing dynamic workshops and tailored facilitations that foster growth and learning within academic communities.

Cultivating Mindset & Resilience

Explore the journey of understanding self-limiting barriers, acknowledging and quieting the inner critic, and nurturing emotional agility.

Priority Management Strategies

Transform overwhelming to-do lists into focused, achievable goals that align with your values.

Holistic Integration: Nurturing Mind, Heart, and Body Alignment

Work-life balance is more than self-care. Work with your mind, heart, and body to work with your self-awareness and explore new levels of boundary setting and value-driven action.

Tailored solutions and flexible packages crafted for unique needs.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Askey

A former professor turned coach dedicated to guiding academics like you toward greater fulfillment and success.

With a decade of expertise in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset, I’m committed to helping you reshape your career journey.

I worked with Jennifer one-on-one for over two years now. I was in a prolonged period of dissatisfaction with my career and my life when I started working with her.

Jennifer guided me to think through the confusions and doubts I had as a tenure-track faculty member facing somewhat of a mid-life crisis. She gently but firmly pushed me to define what I consider “success” or to articulate what I value. With her encouragement, I also started and sustained a mindfulness practice, which I found to be most helpful in maintaining a positive headspace and (by extension) high productivity.

There is much more clarity and much less resistance in my life now. The regular sessions with her kept me on track and grounded – over time, I was able to build a healthier and happier work and life routine.

I highly recommend working with Jennifer. It’s not just about academic coaching – it’s life coaching. If you put in the work with her, you can build a more productive and joyful life!

– S.L.
Assistant Professor – University of Southern California

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from workshop and facilitation services?

Institutions seeking transformative learning experiences for their teams, enhancing holistic growth and skill development.

How can I determine if workshops align with our institution’s needs?

If you’re looking to foster a more connected, empowered, and engaged academic community, our workshops can be the ideal solution.

What’s the process for engaging in private coaching?

Beginning with a no-cost initial consultation, you and I create a tailored coaching plan and collaboratively work towards achieving your desired outcomes.

Are coaching sessions available virtually?

Of course. Coaching sessions are adaptable to your preferences, whether you opt for virtual or in-person sessions.

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