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I am Jennifer Askey. I help academic professionals connect with their innermost values and empower them to take positive action in their lives and careers. If the idea of an academic life and career coach is foreign or new to you, or you’d like to learn more about me and what I do, this is a great place to start.

your career should empower you

The industry of higher education — including funding, hiring, and teaching — is churning through constant change. It is more important than ever for academics to achieve clarity on their own mission, what their institutions envision for the future, and what work there is to be done today. I help you connect with your innermost motivation and values, discover your purpose, expand your influence, and dream big. I help you move toward action.

you need a champion to help you be your best self

Regardless of your position in academia, I know that you feel isolated and frustrated, you struggle with competing demands on your time and attention, and you wonder about the difference you’re making in the world. You need a sounding board, a champion, and a coach to help you be your best self and do your best work. This is what I do.

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