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From Academic to Coach: Navigating a Profound Shift in Pursuit of Human Potential

With a passion for connecting people to their inner wisdom and purpose, Jennifer Askey is a seasoned coach and former academic who has walked the path of transformation.

A personal career crossroads in her academic life propelled Jennifer into becoming a coach. On this path, Jennifer has discovered profound joy in partnering with people to discover their own aligned career path.

Jennifer Askey’s heart beats for guiding both individuals and teams toward their authentic selves, discovering their untapped potential, and creating the fulfilling lives they deserve.

Nurturing Growth and Fulfillment Across Diverse Realms of Life

Expert Guidance Combined with Academic Insight

Jennifer’s expertise spans career coaching, life coaching, productivity coaching, and team effectiveness coaching, allowing her to address various dimensions of personal growth.

With years of experience in both academia and coaching, Jennifer has honed the art of guiding individuals and teams toward integrated success.

Equipped with a Ph.D. and a Professional Certified Coach designation, Jennifer’s commitment to lifelong career learning includes certifications in Positive Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience @ Work, and Team Roles. This allows her to draw on a rich foundation of theory and practice in her work with individuals and organizations.


Guided by Values of Compassion, Positive Impact, and Self-actualization

Jennifer’s coaching approach is rooted in co-activity, client-centered methodology, with a keen focus on recognizing and harnessing the unique strengths and aspirations of both teams and individuals.

At the core of Jennifer’s practice are values of compassion, positivity, and self-actualization– qualities that underpin every coaching relationship.

Jennifer enables clients to recognize and break free from self-imposed limitations and grow into their full potential.

Elevating Coaching Through Unique Expertise and Guidance


What sets Jennifer apart is not only her diverse background but also her dedication to crafting strategies that lead to lasting change.

Jennifer empowers her teams and individuals to achieve remarkable breakthroughs, redefine possibilities and embrace excellence.

During my time as interim dean and leading into my appointment as dean, Jennifer worked with my leadership team in the faculty to examine how our individual work personalities combine to create a collaborative team. The workshop itself was illuminating and helped us to understand each other’s ways of approaching our roles, which is necessary at any time, but especially during times of significant change. Jennifer is a skilled and sensitive facilitator, who is able to adjust her approach based on the team’s needs in the moment. We look forward to having her back to lead us in further workshops on leadership, collaboration and communication.

– Tammy Hopper, PhD, R-SLP
Professor and Dean
Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine – University of Alberta

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