I distill proven methodologies for academic leaders and teams to inspire self-actualization, career revitalization, and purposeful engagement.

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I lived the academic journey before transforming my work to help higher education leaders, faculty, and staff build opportunities to become masters of themselves and their careers. 

Whether my clients seek to build self-awareness and resilience within current roles or discover where they align now, my evidence-based methodologies and multidisciplinary approach create opportunities for individuals and teams to find success based on values, talents, vision, and ideal outcomes. 

My passion is guiding humans toward their authentic selves while helping them discover their untapped potential so they can create the fulfilling lives they deserve.

High-touch, bespoke development from an academic insider

Strategic guidance for personal leadership and team alignment

Coaching expertise in career, life, productivity, team effectiveness, and various dimensions of personal and professional growth.

Facilitation expertise in guiding faculty, staff, and leaders toward alignment for integrated, collaborative success.

Equipped with a Ph.D. and a Professional Certified Coach designation, I commit to lifelong career learning and have certifications in Positive Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, DISC, Resilience @ Work, and Team Roles. I bring a rich foundation of theory and practice into my work with academicians and their institutions.


Navigating with integrity, transparency, and radical responsibility.

At the core of my practice, I believe self-actualization starts with reconnecting to our most important things. Growing our full potential begins with our values and how we align our actions to these beliefs.

I believe we are here to make sense of ourselves, each other, and the world so we can all find fulfillment and joy in our lives. 

This belief guides my commitment to provide intentional coaching and facilitation for academic leaders and staff to help them navigate their higher education journeys to be more impactful, joyful, and aligned with their deepest missions.

Lasting change begins within.

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I believe we all have agency and options, but until we examine what is holding us back we are unable to activate our potential. If we want to future-proof our careers and live in our highest good, we have to start with ourselves and understand our relationships in work and in life.

Let’s say goodbye to old belief systems and work together on the narratives that no longer work for yourself and in your teams.

Dr. Jennifer Askey delivered an exceptional presentation at CultureCon’s inaugural EdGov Summit, captivating our audience with her research-backed insights on whole-person resilience at work. Her interactive session on the Resilience at Work framework was both enlightening and practical, offering leaders at all levels tangible strategies to cultivate and sustain a culture of resilience. Attendees were particularly impressed with her deep dive into the seven interrelated elements of resilience and the connection between institutional values and employee well-being. Dr. Askey’s expertise and engaging delivery have equipped our participants with the tools to drive positive change in their organizations, enhancing retention, engagement, and overall community outcomes.

– Nick Lombardino | Co-founder CultureCon

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