2.7: Resilience Gets a Bad Rap

Do you know the difference between proving yourself and being yourself? In today’s episode of The Mindful Academy, our host Jennifer Askey talks about how these two ideas need to be distinctively two separate identities rather than a combined concept.

2.6: Decision Making

Does Decision Making actually play that big of a part in our daily lives? In today’s episode of The Mindful Academy, our host Jennifer Askey breaks down several aspects that envelop the idea of Decision Making.

2.5 Empathy – The Magic Sauce

Almost every academic I know is hard on themselves. You expect excellence from your students, colleagues, and yourself. Because excellence and rigour are the names of the game! And what happens when someone misses the mark? What happens when you miss…

2.4 My Emotions Are Not the Boss of Me

In this episode, I help you explore your emotional agility around transparency, adaptability, and optimism. How long do you stay stuck in a negative head space that neither feels good nor helps you move forward? This episode offers ways to work with…

2.3 Mind-Body Integration

You are familiar with the 5 senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. In this episode, I explore Amanda Blake’s work on the OTHER senses we access when we want to fully integrate our mind, body, and emotional lives: interoception and…

Episode 10: Resilience

Resilience is all the rage right now. We know that we need it, but what does it mean to cultivate it? In this episode, Jennifer talks about growing our stores of resilience, learning from setbacks, and what to say to ourselves when we fail. 

Episode 8: Lessons from the Experimental Leader

This episode takes a bit of a break from coaching tools. Jennifer talks about lessons she learned from working with Melanie Parish, author of the book The Experimental Leader: Be a New Kind of Boss to Cultivate an Organization of Innovators. Using the framework of...