Series 1

Episode 10: Resilience

Resilience is all the rage right now. We know that we need it, but what does it mean to cultivate it? In this episode, Jennifer talks about growing our stores of resilience, learning from setbacks, and what to say to ourselves when we fail. 

Episode 8: Lessons from the Experimental Leader

This episode takes a bit of a break from coaching tools. Jennifer talks about lessons she learned from working with Melanie Parish, author of the book The Experimental Leader: Be a New Kind of Boss to Cultivate an Organization of Innovators. Using the framework of...

Episode 6: The PA System in Your Mind

The best intentions and plans when it comes to prioritization and goal setting can be scuttled by your Inner Critic. Your Inner Critic, or Judge, or Shitty Committee, is that voice in your head that tells you that you’re doing it wrong, that you’re insufficient for...

Episode 5: Goals, Tasks, Habits

When we feel like everything needs to be done now and is an emergency, we can become overwhelmed quickly. In this episode, you’ll focus on tackling the priorities you set when you listened to last week’s episode by breaking them down into goals and tasks. Organizing...

Episode 4: Priorities

Prioritizing means more than picking the order in which you do things. In this episode, Jennifer talks about using the notion of your legacy (from episode 3) to structure how you give time to people and projects. Just focusing on time inputs isn’t enough to prioritize...

Episode 3: Tree of Life

How does your garden grow? In this episode, Jennifer looks at a tree diagram as a way to think about what supports us to be the best version of ourselves and what we return to the world in terms of legacy and “fruits.” 

Episode 2: Values

In this episode about living our values, Jennifer talks about the gap between things we admire and are drawn to and the values that–consciously or not–guide our major life decisions. 

Episode 1: Wheel of Life

Tune into this episode to walk yourself through the Wheel of Life, also known as the Wheel of Adult Fulfillment. This is an opportunity to put words to what you think fulfillment means for you in 8 key areas of your life, and to put numbers to those areas. After...