How to Work with Me

Group Coaching

If you want to change your relationship to your academic work, join us in Flourishing at Work in Academia . This 12 month membership will provide you with the insights, systems, and accountability to make the much-needed transformations in your professional and personal life that will make your work more joy-filled and sustainable.

I’m committed to my clients getting the results they want, and the people who join me in Flourishing are there to jump start their professional transformation. Whether you are looking for a career move or to transform your feelings about your current job, learning and making commitments in community with others represents a huge step towards making your hopes and ideas a reality. 

Signing up with a coach is all about making a commitment to yourself.  Apply today and get ready to find the ease and flow in your work!

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching meets you where you are at and helps you “level up” your Mental Game, Productivity, Leadership, and Relationships.

We will explore how to make decisions that are best for you by articulating your purpose in life, the impact you want to make personally and professionally, and where to focus your energies for the work that you want to do.

One-on-One Coaching includes:

  • Twice monthly 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Resources for you to work with between sessions.
  • Positive Intelligence program integration (optional)
  • Support between sessions as arranged (job search documents, accountability check-ins, etc.)

Clients work with me on clearing the hurdles that keep them from writing, advancing their academic leadership careers, exploring careers outside of academia, and navigating their institutional environment for success.

Either way, we customize a coaching relationship that serves your agenda.

12-month coaching packages:
Starting at $6000CAD


Workshops for Departments and Teams

I create and deliver workshops, training, and team coaching custom designed to meet your needs and your budget.

In working with teams, I make use of select assessment tools to offer strategic insight into individual and group strengths. DISC, Emotional Intelligence,  Belbin Team Roles, and Resilience @ Work are validated instruments that offer concrete information pertinent to team productivity and cohesion. I then use these insights to build interactive and action-focused programming for your employees.

I am able to work in both the United States and Canada and am happy to facilitate sessions virtually or in person.

Please contact me for a no-obligation consultation and quote.


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