Programs and Packages

individual coaching

Academic Success Coaching Package

This is Grade A, Gold Standard, Custom-Built-for-You Coaching. Regardless of where you are on in your academic (or post-academic) journey, working with me provides an amazing opportunity for you to improve your processes and practices in the classroom, the library, the meeting room, or the lab.

Everybody brings a unique set of skills and challenges to the table, so I meet you where you are in your career and we focus on clarity and strategy around things like:

  • getting set for tenure and promotion
  • how to be an effective leader in the academy
  • setting goals
  • self care and career longevity
  • getting your research done and loving it

This is a commitment to yourself. We’ll work on crafting your career from this amazing place of freedom, expertise, and self-knowledge. Over three months of bi-weekly coaching sessions, you will have a clear vision for where you are headed in your career and how best to get there. Prepare for your success and come work with me!

individual coaching

Strategy Sessions

At any point in your academic career–from graduate school to retirement–you may run into a situation in which you need a new perspective, some planning, or some serious strategic encouragement. These conversations are for when you don’t have the time or headspace to embark on a coaching journey and yet you know the benefit of an outside sounding board. We’ll identify your goals and priorities, create a plan and some concrete steps, and do it all in a supportive, you-centred environment.

When you book a strategy session, I’ll send you a list of questions so that we are working with the same background knowledge and awareness of the issues and goals in mind. Then we’ll have two conversations: one to get the ball rolling, the next to check in with your goals and intentions and see if you still feel like you’re on the right track.

The cost for the strategy sessions is $500 CAD. Contact me below to schedule.

Group coaching

Customizable Workshop Package

I’ll work with you to customize a workshop that addresses your groups’ needs or challenges.

Examples of recent workshops include:

  • Creating a Career Vision for Graduate Students
  • Effective & Ethical PhD Supervision for Today’s Job Market
  • Establishing an Effective Writing Practice