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The resources on this page are a sample of the value – in terms of clarity, time management, and laser-focused action – that clients get from my programs.

Masterclass | February 2022

Theme: Flourishing

– Discover the connection between wellbeing and performance and your options for improving both.
–  What does it mean to be in FLOW state? And how can you get there?
– Increase your clarity on aligning meaning, engagement, and achievement in your academic life
– Conduct an “engagement audit” on your calendar

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Masterclass | May 2022

Theme: Alignment

When you never have time to get to the most important thing on your to-do list, you are working out of alignment!

This masterclass demonstrates how to align your day-to-day tasks with your big-picture goals so that you progress toward your academic goals, not someone else’s!

Mindful Academic E-book | Downloadable Guide

The exercises in this short e-book accompany Season 1 of The Mindful Academy.

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