Your institution and your team need strong, grounded academic leadership.

Personal and team coaching and facilitation for intelligent next steps.

Shift from one-dimensional department policies and procedures to cohesive leaders and teams.


Faculty and staff are overworked, disappointed in the status quo, and burned out.

Navigating the competing demands of higher education can leave you – and your staff – feeling stuck and reluctant to step into full capabilities. Balancing ambitious goals with community well-being and institutional priorities requires clarity and intentional guidance for your unique academic workplace.


Self-development and staff actualization seem unattainable without well-resourced mentorship.

You know there’s a better way forward through complex challenges, but pedagogy can only take you so far. Realizing your potential and helping your team requires research-backed resources to nurture growth and sustain mastery.


Cookie cutter corporate workshops don't provide models for colleges and universities.

The notion that one size fits all doesn’t work in higher learning institutions. While models are helpful, elevated impact and efficiency come from approaches aligned with the dynamics of your institution.

Go beyond conventional wisdom to access bespoke,
research-backed academic professional development.

Your colleagues know best practices and deserve a holistic and integrated path for success.

In the ever-evolving educational landscape, professional development for faculty and staff is more important and difficult to find than ever.  Transitioning from a collection of experts to a united, high-performing team necessitates a different and deliberate approach. 

Using a breadth of proven tools such as DISC, Emotional Intelligence, Belbin Team Roles, Resilience@Work, and others, coupled with depth of academic experience and expertise, we’ll partner to reinvigorate, engage, and enable your educational collective.

Programs, workshops, and facilitated experiences are designed with your specific goals for your department and campus in mind. Let’s tailor your course of action toward unified advancement, excitement, and purpose.

You’re ready to navigate your ambitions differently and master yourself while succeeding within the academy.

You’ve earned your place in the academy, but professional fulfillment looks different now: you’re ready to assess and align with your most important values in mind. Actualizing your principles is dependent on understanding your current version of yourself and your definition of success while creating space to explore the bigger questions relevant to your academic career and role in communities at large. 

Building emotional agility, openness, and true success along your path requires a thought partner who has been there and done that in a higher education setting. Whether your ambitions involve advancing your leadership, exploring non-traditional career paths beyond academia, or mastering the intricate institutional landscape, our coaching relationship is meticulously customized to your unique aspirations.

Let’s work together to strengthen your relationships with yourself and others to shift reluctance into excitement and resilience.

I have worked with Jennifer both one-on-one and as part of a group coaching subscription. Her questions have been insightful, helping me reframe situations and reassess assumptions that I had about my work and myself. I was especially grateful for her questions that prompted me to re-examine my comment about why I enjoyed my favorite part of my job. My kneejerk response was that “it made me feel like I was earning my keep.” Jennifer helped me come to understand that I don’t need to “earn my keep” and that I have value no matter what. She coaches from a solid foundation of established frameworks, and I would recommend her services to anyone that wants to grow as a person and a professional.

– S.H., Interim Associate Dean.

Chart the course for academic alignment and success.


Whether your focus is on your development, or you’re responsible for a department or team, our initial consultation will explore challenges, gaps, and aspirations as we craft a plan toward meaningful fulfillment.


We’ll work together to set goals to support your path, shaping our working relationship with intention and purpose for you and/or your academic colleagues.


Putting plans into action, we’ll journey together using a toolkit of research-backed strategies and techniques designed to accelerate purposeful results for individuals and for institutions.

Whether you’re on a personal or team-driven quest, I’m here to help align your compass toward intelligent next steps so that you and your team can be in command of your own successes.

Unveiling Extraordinary Possibilities: Explore Our Specialized Services

Workshops, Seminars, and Facilitated Experiences: Interactive Wisdom + Shared Discovery

Let’s build real value in real-time with an immersive experience to build collective wisdom while fostering connection and collaboration. Depending on your goals, we’ll voyage through transformative topics like prioritization, role clarity,  resilience, mindfulness, team possibilities and norms, and more, to unlock potential and ignite positive change.

Team Coaching and Development: Individual Excellence +
Team Alignment

Personalized and tailored coaching for collaborative scholarly and administrative teams optimizes the expertise of each individual while producing collective synergy and partnership. Through appreciative inquiry and shared goals, this process builds trust, engagement and buy-in across departments and campuses.

Speaking & Facilitated Experiences: Shared Wisdom + No Geographical Constraints

No matter where your campus resides, we can build a transformative experience for you or your team. Whether in-person or online, let’s customize your speaking engagements and facilitated seminars to chart your next steps individually or as a team.