A Meeting with the SSHRC Whisperer

Tuesday, August 2 | 10:30 am - 11:30 am MST (12:30 pm EST - 1:30 pm EST) Location: Zoom | Admission: FREE Are you preparing to submit a grant application to SSHRC this academic year? Or are you thinking about preparing to apply sometime in the distant and vague future? Join me as I host […]

Prioritizing and Decision Making

One of the advantages of being an academic is that you get to set much of your own research and teaching agenda. And that is one of academia’s disadvantages, as well. You are your own boss – and maybe you’re not a very good boss to work for! In academic work, nobody is going to […]

Resilience & Flourishing Masterclass

Enrollment is open for the Flourishing @ Work in Academic membership program. And the bonus enrollment for the masterclass on October 17 is all about creating EASE AND FLOW in your career. If you’re still thinking about joining the membership, this 2-hour session on optimizing for resilience and finding your flow is going to be […]

The Art & Science of Good Habits Masterclass

You know what those good habits are that we should all be doing, right? And yet, you’re still not doing them? No shame at all–just a simple practice to help you create that first good habit–the hardest part–and develop the amazing self-trust that comes with actually achieving behavior change! Access Now!

Belbin Team Roles Framework

TIME: 1am-Noon MST, 10-11am Pacific, 1pm-2pm Eastern When you know your working style preference, you spend more time playing to your strengths. If you can’t identify why certain tasks energize you and others seem more challenging than they should be, you risk spending a lot of your career pushing rocks up hills! Register for this […]

Terms of Engagement.

A FREE masterclass on being engaged at work, on your terms. TIME: 10:30am MST, 12:30pm EST