LIVE WEBINAR | Monday, October 16 11:30 am MST – 12:30 pm MST

Terms of Engagement.

A masterclass on being engaged at work, on your terms.

Anecdata and surveys all point toward a single conclusion: faculty, staff, and student engagement on many campuses is at an all-time low. People don’t want to come back to campus, or they want a really good reason to do so, and “business as usual” doesn’t seem like a good enough reason.

Are you feeling energized and engagedexcited, or do you find yourself wondering if you are having the impact you want to have and doing the work you’re meant to do?

Disengagement is a product of both external and internal factors and figuring out what is in YOUR zone of control is key to getting your mojo back.

How would it
feel to:

Be clear on what is in your zone of control

Create boundaries and practices that let you focus on your most important and engaging work

Pipedream or Possible?

When I (when Jennifer) first went into business, it was as the Energized Academic. She partners with scholars and leaders to create habits of mind and systems to keep them focused on their why and plugged into their zone of genius.

I have devoted the last ten years to learning all I can about positive psychology, emotional intelligence, a growth mindset, and mindfulness so that I can coach and help fellow academics do the same, building a rewarding and balanced career in the process.

Jennifer Askey, PhD, PCC

Terms of Engagement.
A masterclass on being engaged at work, on your terms.

Terms of Engagement is part of Jennifer’s free monthly webinar series — offering the academic community insights on mindfully steering their meaningful career. Join us live on October 16th, 11:30 am MST – 12:30 pm MST









This webinar will help you diagnose causes of disengagement on your campus and in your life and pinpoint where and how to pivot your work for more meaningful impact.

We suggest you book now, as capacity for the webinar is limited to 50 seats. This is a live event, designed as a point of connection and community each month.

I have worked with Jennifer both one-on-one and as part of a group coaching subscription. Her questions have been insightful, helping me reframe situations and reassess assumptions that I had about my work and myself. I was especially grateful for her questions that prompted me to re-examine why I enjoyed my favorite part of my job. Jennifer helped me come to understand I have value no matter what. She coaches from a solid foundation of established frameworks, and I would recommend her services to anyone that wants to grow as a person and a professional.

– S.H., Interim Associate Dean.

Got Questions? Of course you have!

Can I ask questions?

Yes! There will be ample time to have all of your questions answered

How long will it be?

One hour – hey, if I’m teaching time management practices I’d better practice what I preach!

Will it be recorded?

No! We want you to show up and play full out.

When is the best time to plant a tree a wise gardener was once asked – 20 years ago, he said. But do you know when the 2nd best time is? Today!

It’s time to give yourself a solid foundation and be ready for the next semester.

Book your seat now. GIVE yourself, your family, your class, and your colleagues a Gift that will keep giving year-round.