Are you practicing the art of giving yourself an A? In today’s episode of The Mindful Academy, our host Jennifer Askey talks about how important it is to be implementing this possibility to live into your life. Jennifer breaks down some different scenarios of how you can be giving yourself an A throughout your day. Ready to be an A-student and open up the possibilities? Class is in session – grab your seat, take out the notebook, and get ready for another fabulous lesson!

In-Class Notes:

  • ZDon't be blind to accomplishments.
  • ZWhat are the learning outcomes by aligning actions with the self while doing the work?
  • ZHostility and incompetence will of course give a big fat F in advance, but here's how you can approach them in a better alignment to give that A.

About Our Host:

Jennifer used to be a professor, until one day she moved to a different country and gave up her career. She had to figure out “what next?”

Jennifer has devoted the last ten years to learning all that she can about positive psychology, emotional intelligence, the growth mindset, and mindfulness, so that she can help others do the same, and build a rewarding career in the process.