Do you ever feel like you don’t deserve the success you’ve achieved in your career or that you’re just lucky to be where you are?

In today’s episode of The Mindful Academy, our host Jennifer Askey discusses the imposter phenomenon, also commonly known as Imposter Syndrome, which reflects feelings of having achieved successful positions due to sheer luck or some oversight on the part of gatekeepers rather than merit or achievement.

Ready to learn more about Imposter Syndrome, from its origins all the way up to its modern-day perceptions? Class is in session – grab your seat, take out the notebook, and prepare for another great lesson!

In-Class Notes:

  • ZImposter Syndrome is when individuals feel like they are not good enough or do not belong in their environment.
  • ZTo combat Imposter Syndrome, we must look at the structural implications of it.
  • ZWe must also recognize that success is not an all-or-nothing game and that our successes are worth celebrating and owning, no matter how small.

About Our Host:

Jennifer used to be a professor, until one day she moved to a different country and gave up her career. She had to figure out “what next?”

Jennifer has devoted the last ten years to learning all that she can about positive psychology, emotional intelligence, the growth mindset, and mindfulness, so that she can help others do the same, and build a rewarding career in the process.