How can people in academia overcome challenges and advance to the total professor rank when transitioning from tenure to high-level service positions and leadership roles?

In today’s episode of The Mindful Academy, our host Jennifer Askey discusses the challenges of being a department chair in higher education, particularly for women in leadership roles. In addition, she provides insights into navigating the complexities of leadership in the academic setting.

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In-Class Notes:

  • ZLeaders must align with their values, seek alignment within their departments, and craft a shared vision for their success.
  • ZThere are unique leadership demands in higher education, including emotional and social intelligence and acts of diplomacy and influence.
  • Zsocial intelligence and acts of diplomacy and influence. Identify the need for neutral sounding boards and supportive allies in navigating the challenges of entry-level leadership roles in higher education.

About Our Host:

Jennifer used to be a professor, until one day she moved to a different country and gave up her career. She had to figure out “what next?”

Jennifer has devoted the last ten years to learning all that she can about positive psychology, emotional intelligence, the growth mindset, and mindfulness, so that she can help others do the same, and build a rewarding career in the process.