Are women carrying the weight of academia’s progress on their shoulders?

In today’s episode of The Mindful Academy, our host Jennifer Askey discusses the hidden challenges women face in higher education. With a remarkable surge in female undergraduates, the academy is more feminized. Yet, despite this shift, women still struggle to attain leadership positions.

Discover the reasons behind this disparity and how it affects their research progress and journey toward a full professorship. Prepare to question the status quo and delve into the complexities of gender dynamics in academia. Class is in session – grab your seat, take out the notebook, and prepare for another great lesson!

In-Class Notes:

  • ZIdentifying and communicating personal and unit values is crucial for effective academic leadership.
  • ZEffective communication, emotional and social intelligence, self-management, and influence are crucial qualities for successful leadership.
  • ZLeadership challenges in academia include transitioning from disciplinary work to leadership roles, the resentment that can build up due to the system, and the dangers of people-pleasing and the inability to say no.

About Our Host:

Jennifer used to be a professor, until one day she moved to a different country and gave up her career. She had to figure out “what next?”

Jennifer has devoted the last ten years to learning all that she can about positive psychology, emotional intelligence, the growth mindset, and mindfulness, so that she can help others do the same, and build a rewarding career in the process.