🔍The Mindful Academy Episode 3.8 Highlights: “Four Flavours of Faculty Frustration”

📚 1. Overwhelm at Work:

The aftermath of the pandemic has left academic workplaces in overdrive, with workload spikes persisting. Whether it’s adapting to changes or working at cross-purposes with colleagues, overwhelm is a common thread. If you’re feeling this, consider where the pressures are coming from—internal, external, or both.

💼 2. Success Metrics and Prioritization:

Metrics for success can vary, from grants to publications, teaching evaluations, and more. If you’re frustrated with output goals despite doing all the right things, it’s time to rigorously prioritize. Focus on what success means for you, set meaningful priorities, and stay true to your own success metrics.

🤝 3. Interpersonal Circumstances:

Academic environments can sometimes foster toxic behavior, impacting your experience. Issues like harassment and less contentious but frustrating interpersonal challenges can impact your joy and fulfillment at work. Developing self-awareness and self-trust is vital to making meaningful decisions about your career. 

💡 4. Intrapersonal Circumstances:

As you grow and change, the job may no longer fit. Values conflicts, misalignment, or simply feeling done can lead to frustration. Assess your values, skills, and priorities. Acknowledge patterns that might be hindering your growth and explore possibilities for change—whether within your current role or by considering new opportunities.

🎙️ Upcoming Episodes:

Stay tuned for in-depth discussions on each of these faculty frustrations, offering guidance and strategies for overcoming them. Plus, explore the concept of intentional job design and maintaining excitement in your academic journey.

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