Are you constantly under pressure, trying to balance long-term career success and personal satisfaction? In this episode of The Mindful Academy, our academic coach, Jennifer, underscores the significance of safeguarding your career for the future. She stresses the importance of adopting a mindset where you are the architect of your professional path, irrespective of your profession’s current status. Jennifer imparts three strategies to futureproof your career, initiating with discerning your purpose and comprehending your competencies. How can you utilize these valuable insights to prevent feeling overwhelmed and maintain a harmonious equilibrium between long-term career success and personal contentment? Class is in session – secure your seat, take out your notebook, and prepare for an insightful lesson on making resonant career choices!

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About Our Host:

Jennifer used to be a professor, until one day she moved to a different country and gave up her career. She had to figure out “what next?”

Jennifer has devoted the last ten years to learning all that she can about positive psychology, emotional intelligence, the growth mindset, and mindfulness, so that she can help others do the same, and build a rewarding career in the process.